Our core values

Responsibility to employees

  • Respect all individuals
  • Do not tolerate abusive, harassing or offensive conduct
  • Establish and maintain a safe workplace
  • Comply with privacy rules
  • Think first, email second
  • Do not use communication systems for inappropriate or
    offensive content

Responsibility to clients

  • Comply with our professional standards
  • Protect confidential client information
  • Beware of potential conflicts of interest
  • Comply with legal obligations
  • Entertain appropriately
  • Use good judgment with giving and receiving gifts
  • Maintain appropriate licenses

Responsibility to the marketplace

  • Never pay or take bribes
  • Deal fairly with clients, suppliers and competitors
  • Comply with competition and antitrust laws
  • Do not fix pricing or other terms with competitors
  • Carefully choose business partners, clients and vendors
  • Comply with all anti-money laundering and other laws
    relating to corrupt payments
  • Engage in accurate and truthful disclosure, marketing and Advertising

Responsibility to shareholders

  • Do not trade securities using material inside information
  • Do not compete with the firm for your personal benefit
  • Do not let your personal activities damage the firm’s reputation
  • Protect the firm’s intellectual property
  • Keep accurate accounts and records
  • Spend wisely-it is our shareholders’ money, not yours

Responsibility to communities

  • Strive to be a good corporate citizen in every country where we do business
  • Comply with environmental laws
  • Encourage community service
  • Respect local laws and governments

To ask a question or report a concern

  • Call one of our Ethics Officers
  • Log onto www.jllethicsreports.com (where you can make anonymous reports in writing in any language)
  • Call our 24-hour worldwide hotline at +1.877.540.5066 (calls accepted anonymously and in all major languages

Code of Business Ethics

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