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Our mission as an organization is to deliver exceptional strategic, fully-integrated services, best practices, and innovative solutions for real estate owners, occupiers, investors, and developers worldwide. In order to achieve our mission, we realize we must establish and maintain an enterprise that will sustain itself over the long-term for the benefit of all of its stakeholders—clients, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and communities, among others. Accordingly, we have committed ourselves to effective corporate governance that reflects best practices and the highest level of business ethics. To that end, and as the result of our shareholder engagement efforts, over the past years we have adopted the following significant corporate governance policies and practices:


Corporate governance policies and practices


  • Significant Majority of Independent Directors
  • Separate Non Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Roles
  • Highly Diverse Board (as to gender, ethnicity and experience)
  • Annual Election of All Directors
  • Annual Shareholder “Say on Pay” Vote for Executive Compensation
  • Majority Voting for Directors
  • Independent Directors Meet Without Management Present at Each In Person Meeting
  • Company Code of Business Ethics Applicable to Directors
  • Right of Shareholders Owning 30% of Outstanding Shares to Call a Special Meeting of Shareholders for any Purpose
  • Annual Evaluation of Board Effectiveness by Senior Management
  • Annual Board and Committee Self Evaluation
  • Stewardship Compensation Program for Directors, with No Separate Meeting Fees


  • Two Thirds of Board Stewardship Compensation is in Company Shares
  • No Perquisites to Board Members
  • Minimum Shareholding Requirement for Directors
  • Policy Against Pledging and Hedging Company Stock
  • Board Orientation / Education Program
  • Corporate Compliance Program
  • Disclosure Committee for Financial Reporting
  • Required Approval by the Nominating and Governance Committee for any Related Party Transactions
  • Company Makes Negligible Political Contributions
  • Regular Succession Planning for Both Management and Board
  • Directors Not “Over Boarded”
  • Significant engagement with employees, senior management and clients at Board meetings, which take place across our major offices globally
  • Increasingly sophisticated integrated reporting and corporate sustainability reporting

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