Value drivers for providing superior client service and prospering as a sustainable enterprise

Our mission is to deliver exceptional strategic fully-integrated services, best practices and innovative solutions for real estate owners, occupiers, investors and developers worldwide. We deliver a combination of services, expertise and technology applications on an integrated global platform that we own (and do not franchise), the totality of which we believe distinguishes us from our competitors and contributes to service excellence and customer loyalty. While we face high-quality competition in individual markets, we believe that we have a unique set of attributes that makes us the best choice for clients seeking real estate and investment management services on a world-wide basis. We have the size and scale of resources necessary to deliver the expertise of the Firm wherever clients need it. Our culture of client service, teamwork, and integrity means that we can marshal those resources to deliver the greatest possible value and results. Our ‘‘client first’’ and ethical orientation means that our people focus on how we can best provide what our clients need and want, with integrity and transparency. Our governance and enterprise risk management orientation means that we have built an enterprise that clients can rely on over the long-term. Our strong intellectual capital, our long-term approach to business and our ability to anticipate, interpret and respond to the trends influencing our industry sector mean that we are quick and nimble in adapting to new challenges and opportunities in a fast changing world and in supporting our clients to do the same. In totality, these aspects result in a sustainable business model that supports and promotes our short, medium and long-term successes and creates financial and non-financial benefits for our stakeholders and the global community.

Consultancy practices typically do not share our implementation expertise or local market awareness. Investment banking and investment management competitors generally possess neither our local market knowledge nor our real estate service capabilities. Traditional real estate firms lack our financial expertise and operating consistency. Other global competitors, which we believe franchise at least some of their offices through separate owners, do not have the same level of business coordination or consistency of delivery that we can provide through our network of wholly-owned offices, directly-employed personnel and integrated information technology, human resources and financial systems. That network also permits us to promote a high level of governance, enterprise risk management and integrity throughout the organization and to leverage our diverse and welcoming culture as a competitive advantage in developing clients, recruiting employees and acquiring businesses.

We have designed our business model to (1) create value for our clients, shareholders and employees and (2) establish high-quality relationships with the suppliers we engage and the communities in which we operate. Our synergistic approach seeks to derive business benefits from the application and intersection primarily of human resources, financial and intellectual capital and technology. Based on our established presence in, and intimate knowledge of, local real estate and capital markets worldwide, and supported by our investments in thought leadership, technology and the use of electronic and digital means to gather, analyze and communicate information relevant to our constituencies, we believe that we create value for clients by addressing their local, regional and global real estate needs as well as their broader business, strategic, operating and longer-term sustainability goals. Given the increasingly global and interconnected marketplace in which many of our clients compete, our own capacity to deliver global solutions has also become increasingly important to our business model.

We strive to create a healthy and dynamic balance between (1) activities that will produce short-term value and returns for our stakeholders through effective management of current transactions and business activities and (2) investments in people (such as new hires), acquisitions, technologies and systems designed to produce sustainable returns over the longer term.

Our financial strength and our reputation for integrity, strong governance and transparency, which we believe are among the strongest in the industry, give our clients confidence in our long-term ability to meet our obligations to them.

The ability to create and deliver value to our clients drives our revenue and profits, which in turn allows us to invest in our business and our people, improving productivity and shareholder value. In doing so, we enable our people to advance their careers by taking on new and increased responsibilities within a dynamic environment as our business expands geographically, adds adjacent service offerings and develops new competencies. We are also increasingly able to develop and expand our relationships with suppliers of services to our own organization as well as to our clients, for whom we serve a significant intermediary role. By expanding employment both internally and to outsourced providers, we stimulate economically the locations in which we operate, and we increase the opportunities for those we directly or indirectly employ to engage in community services and other activities beneficial to society.

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