Our sustainability strategy

At JLL we increasingly believe that sustainability is the responsibility of everyone within our firm, not just our team of experts. We seek to embed sustainability within our internal and external practices. We believe this approach gives us an advantage and drives value for our business and our clients.

Sustainability in its broadest sense covers every aspect of an organization’s operations and management – literally all of the elements that a complex organization needs to sustain itself over the long term. In order to clearly prioritize our sustainability issues, JLL has built on its inaugural 2010 materiality assessment through a review in 2014. This process has enabled us to identify those areas where we have the biggest impact, and therefore the biggest opportunities to improve the way we do business. This assessment involved input from key executives and employees as well as an examination of investors’ priorities and the sustainability landscape in the real estate and professional services sectors.

In line with the findings of our 2010 materiality review, JLL’s five focus areas shape the structure of this report and form the basis for our Global Sustainability Commitment. The 2014 materiality review further refined and updated our strategy resulting in a prioritized list of sub-issues within each focus area.

Reflecting the holistic nature of sustainability, the focus areas cut across the two pillars of our operations and services. The first pillar focuses on operational efforts related to our own people and offices that ensure we ‘walk the talk’ as a sustainable corporation. The second pillar represents the services we provide to clients through our Energy and Sustainability Services business and our LaSalle Responsible Investing program. We are also increasingly focused on integrating sustainability principles across all of our real estate services, thereby providing embedded sustainability advice.

Sustainability governance

A strong governance framework supports our success as a business, enables the delivery of our key objectives and provides assurance to our clients, shareholders and employees.

We recognize that to be truly sustainable, we need to embed the principles of sustainability not only in the way we operate as a business, but also in the services that we offer to our clients. This recognition defines our approach to sustainability and is reflected in our governance arrangements.

Colin Dyer, our CEO, is the executive sponsor for sustainability within JLL. He provides a strong link to our Board of Directors and together they actively oversee the company’s sustainability activities.

Governance for our operations

Our efforts to address sustainability within our internal operations are overseen by the Global Corporate Sustainability (GCS) Board. The remit of the GCS Board covers our internal sustainability goals; performance, strategy and reporting; and our adoption of a consistent approach to sustainability across our global operations. The Board is comprised of the Heads of Finance, Human Resources, Legal Services, Energy and Sustainability Services (ESS) and Corporate Sustainability, among others, and reports into our Global Operating Board.

Governance for our services

The Global ESS Board has responsibility for developing and delivering a strong and consistent sustainability service offering to our clients around the world. The Board is comprised of regional heads of JLL’s ESS functions and is led by the Chairman of ESS.

In addition, LaSalle’s own sustainability activities are overseen by their Global Sustainability Committee in accordance with the Policy on Sustainability and Responsible Investing. The Board is chaired by LaSalle’s non-executive Chairman and consists of senior leaders from all global businesses ensuring best practice on sustainability is shared company wide.

Roles and responsibilities

Reporting into the GCS Board, the Corporate Sustainability Committee meets every quarter to share best practices. The Committee consists of employees whose functional responsibilities formally include sustainability at the global, regional or local level. In 2014, a team of three and a half full-time equivalent employees sat in the JLL Global Corporate Sustainability team and oversaw the company’s approach to corporate sustainability at a global level. This team is complemented by 23 regional and local roles. These figures do not include the many voluntary contributions made by our employees around the globe. In fact, 53% of our country-level operations have formal internal sustainability programs.

In terms of our service offering, we have a dedicated team of 227 sustainability professionals. The majority of these professionals are from our ESS group, which generated revenue of $18.7 million in 2014 as a result of our work with 467 clients over the same period.

Sustainability at LaSalle Investment Management

LaSalle Investment Management’s top priority is to deliver superior investment results for its clients; sustainability is a key tool in enabling the firm to do this. LaSalle’s approach to sustainability is to set policy and strategy at a global level and then empower action at a local level through a network of Regional Sustainability Officers. This network oversees the delivery of local sustainability goals within each specific region and has responsibility for performance management and reporting.

LaSalle has a range of tools such as Due Diligence Guidelines, ESG Portfolio Management Guidelines and their GreenGuide, which detail how it incorporates sustainability into its investment decision-making and management. Asset managers and fund teams are responsible for implementing and reporting to clients on the sustainability programs within their funds.

Corporate governance

JLL conducts its corporate governance according to the standards of the NYSE. The firm’s Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for overseeing our business. The Board elects our Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer as well as other senior officers. The management team, with the Board’s oversight, is responsible for conducting the company’s business to enhance long-term value.

We provide shareholders with the highest level of governance including: annual voting for Directors; majority voting for Directors; enhanced abilities to call for special meetings; and annual advisory voting on executive compensation. At the most recent shareholder annual meeting, over 99% of the votes cast were in favor of each Director and 99% of the votes cast were in favor of our executive compensation.

Good governance and strong integrity are not just good for business; they provide tangible financial benefits to shareholders. The Ethisphere Institute has published statistics showing that an index of the World’s Most Ethical Companies has outperformed the S&P 500 by 4% on an annual basis over a ten-year period.

Additional information about our corporate governance can be found on our website.


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