Health, well being and safety of employees

The safety of our employees is of paramount importance. Our goal is ‘no harm to people or property’ and all of our employees have a role to play in achieving this aim. JLL’s Global Health and Safety Policy sets out the minimum standards expected of employees who work in client facilities in our Integrated Facilities Management and Property and Asset Management divisions.

We aim to support a healthy work-life balance for all our employees and to provide a comfortable and productive working environment. In 2014, 80% of countries reported that they were undertaking at least one health, safety and well-being initiative. Our Recordable Incident Rate (RIR), a measure of recordable illness and injuries per 100 full-time employees per year, remained stable at 0.6 in 2014. Days Away, Restricted Duty and Transfer (DART), a measure of recordable illness and injury per 100 full-time employees per year that resulted in days away from work, was 0.3 in 2014.

Engagement and compensation

We undertake regular surveys of our employees to better understand how they view the company and their roles within it. The 2013 interim Global Employee Engagement Survey found that 81% either agree or strongly agree that they are extremely satisfied with JLL as a place to work. This score is six percentage points up from the previous full survey which was run in 2012 and ten percentage points up from the global norm, as measured by our survey administrator Kenexa.

We seek to attract and retain the best talent and maintain our position as an employer of choice. One of the ways that we seek to do this is through our Total Rewards program in the US. This is a selection of financial and non-financial programs designed to reward, recognize and motivate employees. In the past, employee reward and recognition have been identified as a challenge. JLL has won numerous awards in recognition of being an excellent place to work, including being recognized as the best employer in the real estate sector by Immobilien Zeitung, Germany’s foremost real estate journal, in 2014.

Diversity and inclusion

At JLL, diversity is a core component of our value system and a strategic imperative for the way we do business. We recognize that having a range
of experiences, backgrounds and perspectives allows us to find new ways of doing things, leading ultimately to the creation and delivery of the best possible services to our clients. To achieve this aim, we foster a workplace culture that encourages and empowers all our employees to fulfill their potential.

We are making strong headway: local leaders are at the helm of the majority of our country operations avoiding the need to import talent. A network of Employee Resource Groups supports these efforts with the aim of inspiring, supporting and mentoring employees from diverse backgrounds. At a country level, we are engaged with organizations such as Diversity Best Practices in the US and the Changing the Face of Property campaign in the UK.

Training and career development

At JLL we recognize that meeting the development needs of our employees benefits the individual, the organization and our clients. In 2014 we spent $263 per employee on training compared to $235 in 2013. This was in addition to the substantial local training expenditures that we are not able to capture. Much of this training was delivered through My Skills, JLL’s learning management system designed to support employees by enabling and empowering them to effectively progress their career within our business.

JLL’s own Sustainability University provides technical sustainability training for our employees focusing particularly on areas such as green building certifications. The University also offers broader sustainability training for those seeking
to increase their understanding around topics such as energy management. In 2014, the EMEA region rolled out a sustainability training course for employees designed to promote an understanding of sustainability, with a view to embedding the core principles into all of our services and operations.

Over the last year we delivered more than 9,455 hours of sustainability training to employees globally, including 5,242 delivered through the Sustainability University alone.



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