As the result of our significant growth over the last decade, and of our ability to take advantage of the significant consolidation that has taken place in our industry, we are now one of the three largest real estate services and investment management providers on a global basis. We believe that other providers of real estate services are significantly smaller in terms of revenue than the three largest providers. We believe that JLL’s geographic reach, scope of services and scale of resources have become sufficient to provide substantially all of the services our clients need, wherever they need them. To most effectively serve and retain current clients, and win new clients, we strive to be the best firm in our industry.

Although there has been, and we expect will continue to be, consolidation within our industry, the totality of real estate services constituting the industry remains very large, and as a whole the provision of these services remains highly diverse and fragmented. Accordingly, since we provide a broad range of commercial real estate and investment management services across many geographies, we face significant competition at international, regional, and local levels. Depending on the service, we also face competition from other real estate service providers, some of which may not traditionally be thought of as such, including institutional lenders, insurance companies, investment banking firms, investment managers, accounting firms, technology firms, firms providing outsourcing services of various types (including technology or building products) and companies that self-provide their real estate services with in-house capabilities. While these competitors may be global firms that claim to have service competencies similar to ours, many are local or regional firms which, although substantially smaller in overall size, may be larger in a specific local or regional market.

Consultancy practices typically do not have our implementation expertise or local market awareness. Investment banking and investment management competitors generally possess neither our local market knowledge nor our real estate service capabilities. Traditional real estate firms lack our financial expertise and operating consistency. Other global competitors, which we believe franchise at least some of their offices through separate owners, generally do not have the same level of business coordination or consistency of delivery that we can provide through our network of wholly-owned offices, directly-employed personnel, and integrated information technology, human resources, and financial systems. That network also permits us to promote a high level of governance, enterprise risk management, and integrity throughout the organization and to leverage our diverse and welcoming culture as a competitive advantage in developing clients, recruiting employees, and acquiring businesses.


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