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For our business to thrive, our communities need to thrive. It is for this reason that we work hard to be a responsible corporate citizen where we live and work. We endeavor to create shared value by forging global and local charitable partnerships, offering our real estate expertise voluntarily to those in need, and giving our people time to contribute personally to the issues that mean the most to them—this in turn, increases their engagement and loyalty to JLL. We also work to minimize the sustainability impacts of our supply chains and procurement practices, further extending JLL’s influence into communities more broadly.

Our business activities impact on these communities, whether through the employment opportunities we create, our engagement with our supplier base, or the advice we provide to clients on the interactions they have with their own communities. We aim to support the needs of these communities by mobilizing the talents and experience of our workforce through voluntary work, donations or other benefits in kind.

At JLL, activities in our communities are largely carried out a local level. This decentralized approach allows for flexibility and agility in the way we engage communities by giving our local operations the autonomy to tackle the issues that they see as priorities and to reflect the wishes and interests of employees. We are, however, currently considering options around a global community partnership that will complement our local efforts. In some locations we have seen an increase in appetite for undertaking more pro bono and skilled volunteering work among our employees.

Investing in the community
The level of investment into the community that we have made in funds and time, as well as other benefits in kind, provides a good indication our how well we are contributing in this area. In 2015, JLL recorded total charitable contributions of $5.3 million from both corporate and employee donations. Our corporate donations of $4.6 million are equivalent to 0.8% of our pre-tax profits, compared to the London Benchmarking Group’s benchmark of 1.1%. Furthermore, our employees volunteered more than 5,533 days of their time to support charitable causes, a 21% increase compared to 2014. When compared against the average salary for a JLL employee in the U.S., this volunteering contribution equates to a cost to the business of approximately $1.9 million.

It is challenging for us to fully understand the positive impact of volunteering activities and charitable contributions undertaken across the firm. In future, we will work to engage with our local operations to better understand the difference that these activities are making to our communities. We believe that at present the figures below underestimate the positive impacts we make on our communities.

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