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Why a transparency report?

Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated (including LaSalle Investment Management and all of its subsidiaries, the Company or JLL) has many different stakeholders: shareholders, debt holders, clients, our colleagues, the marketplace and the communities and governments in the many countries where we do business.

We are committed to maintaining an organization with the highest professional standards, governance and integrity in all services we provide and in all markets where we provide them.

We believe transparency to our stakeholders is one of our core responsibilities. More value will be realized, both for our firm and our stakeholders, when they have an essential understanding of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We know that our investors, clients, employees, suppliers and the many other individuals and institutions we impact through our global operations want and need us to stay in business for the long-term. We also know that they want to be confident that we are interacting with them fairly and openly so that they can engage with the Company on a fully trustworthy basis. In the case of our clients, for example, this means fully operationalizing our refrain of putting their interests first in the work we do for them. For example, we want our clients to be confident we are not opaquely engaged in any conflicts of interest that take advantage of them or will somehow be to their detriment.

In this report, therefore, we describe our approach to sustaining our organization through corporate governance and controls, maintaining quality assurance, managing enterprise risk, business resiliency and crisis management, identifying and resolving potential conflicts of interest and differentiating ourselves in the marketplace. We also highlight some of the more significant policies and procedures that drive responsibility and accountability throughout our organization and give us a level of transparency we believe is unmatched in our industry.

As one of the pilot companies participating in the International Integrated Reporting Council, we support the general principles designed to promote communications and integrated thinking about how an organization’s strategy, governance and performance lead to the creation of value over the short, medium and long term. This Transparency Report focuses on how we manage our organization for the benefit of our constituencies. Our Annual Report to Shareholders focuses on our business strategy and our financial performance, including details on how being a sustainable enterprise is integral to our success. Our citizenship and sustainability efforts are reflected primarily in our Sustainability Report; our governance and remuneration practices are reported principally in the Proxy Statement for our Annual Meeting of Shareholders; and our Code of Business Ethics and Vendor Code of Conduct set forth our expectations about the behaviors of those who work for us or act as one of the suppliers to our clients or our firm.

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