Engaging our people

Our success over the last 250 years is a testament to the quality of the commitment we have always made to our workforce.

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We seek to create a work culture that values diversity, recognizes and rewards talent, develops skills for tomorrow’s challenges and fosters good health and well-being.

This results in more satisfied employees who are more likely to stay thereby reducing costs to JLL. It also means our employees are more empowered so that they apply their broad perspectives, backgrounds and ideas toward better advice for our clients and take advantage of the numerous opportunities that JLL provides to develop their skills and careers.

Attracting and retaining the best talent ensures that we maintain our competitive advantage and offer the best possible level of service to our clients.

Achieve your ambitions
In 2016, JLL undertook research and asked employees from across our global business to articulate what our work culture is and what makes us stand out in the job market.

We ran 36 interviews and seven focus groups with employees and more than 5,000 employees completed a company-wide survey.

Our colleagues told us what they enjoy most about working at JLL and what they are most proud of. Throughout those conversations, we heard several common themes; these themes – based on real employee experiences – are the foundation of the Employee Value Proposition that we announced in April 2017.

For the first time, we have a shared framework to inspire talent to join us, engage our employees and celebrate the values and culture of JLL around the world. An integral part of our brand, it is our promise to our people – employees and candidates alike.

In addition, we introduced a goal-setting framework across the organization that uses three categories of goals (clients, growth and people) that are:

  • Aligning our people’s efforts with firm-wide strategy throughout all levels of the organization;
  • Simplifying and streamlining the goal-setting process for all our people; and
  • Building focus and attention on our priorities by introducing a process of cascading manager goals to team members.

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Our culture of diversity and inclusion
At JLL, diversity is a strategic imperative for the way we do business. We promote an atmosphere of openness, respect and trust and bring a sense of teamwork, collegiality and inclusion to all we do. We recognize that having a range of experiences, backgrounds and perspectives allows us to find new ways of doing things, leading ultimately to the creation and delivery of the best possible services to our clients. We make sure to walk the talk in fostering a workplace culture that encourages and empowers all our employees to fulfill their potential.

In April 2016, JLL joined more than 1,100 businesses around the world to take a leadership position on gender equality by signing the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles. These seven key principles serve to highlight the gender dimension of corporate responsibility and provide a call to action for businesses. We are proud that 44% of our independent board members are female including the Chairman of our Board, Sheila Penrose. However, we recognize that we need to do more to reflect gender diversity at higher grades within our firm.

Unconscious bias awareness has been addressed through various training interventions, including our award-winning icantbelieveisaidthat video series which was created to challenge inappropriate language and behavior through humorous scenarios in a fly on the wall documentary-style program. It is available to all JLL employees via Connect, our intranet platform. Senior managers across the globe have attended in-person training sessions on this topic, demonstrating the strength of their commitment to address unconscious bias or prejudice.

We have also set up a number of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in the U.S. with a view to supporting and promoting diversity among our workforce. These ERGs include the Women’s Business Network, Building Pride, African American Business Network, Latino Employee Resource Network and VetNet. All of these groups provide the ability to learn new skills and share experiences in a low-risk environment with access to senior leadership.

In addition, JLL U.K. achieved ‘role model’ status against all six principles in the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Inclusive Employer Quality Mark and came third against the other real estate firms that took part in the Workplace Equality Index 2016.

Personal and career development
Our future success as a firm depends on our ability to offer our employees opportunities for personal and professional growth. In 2016 we invested more than $16.5 million on training across the globe, which equates to $216 per employee. This is compared to $16.2 million in 2015. This was in addition to the substantial investment we make into local training programs that we are not able to capture centrally. We track much of our training for employees through MyDevelopment, JLL’s own learning management system. MyDevelopment has been created to enable and empower our employees to effectively advance their careers within our firm.

As well as general training, JLL also operates the Sustainability University, which is designed to ensure that our employees are equipped with the expertise needed to offer our clients the best possible service. Training from the Sustainability University covers technical sustainability aspects of real estate such as green building certifications, but also more general training around topics such as sustainability reporting. Over the last year we delivered more than 16,400 hours of sustainability training to employees globally, including more than 1,900 hours delivered through the Sustainability University alone.

Rewarding and recognizing our employees
Providing superior rewards and recognition to our employees helps us to meet our aim of being an employer of choice. It also helps us to continue to motivate our staff to be the very best that they can be and ensures that JLL continues to deliver the world-class solutions that we are known for.

In a number of countries in which we operate, we use the concept of Total Rewards to attract, motivate, retain and engage our employees. This approach emphasizes the whole benefits package offered by the firm, both from a financial, as well as a non-financial, perspective.

We also think that recognizing and rewarding individual and team achievements goes a long way to celebrate our people’s efforts and contributions toward the success of our firm.

JLL’s Da Vinci program is one of the reward and recognizing schemes we run to recognize the great ideas of our employees all around the globe. The program seeks to stimulate innovation by encouraging all JLL employees to submit their ideas for review by our top executive team. With two categories of ideas to choose from – revenue generating or cost savings – all employees have the chance to become one of several Da Vinci Gold winners or a Da Vinci Platinum award winner for the most innovative ideas.

Health and well-being
At JLL, we want to inspire our employees and provide an environment in which they are able to thrive and grow. We aim to be one step ahead in delivering a high caliber offering to support well-being, vitality and life balance. We deliver this aim through three pillars: mental, financial and physical well-being. We offer traditional benefits that are geared toward supporting these pillars, such as retirement arrangements, income replacement, private medical insurance and opportunities to purchase shares in our company.

Furthermore, we go far beyond this to support and engage our employees and provide the tools and resources to enable them to proactively address their lifestyle and well-being. We have delivered initiatives focused around eating well, thinking well, moving well and being ‘healthy on the inside’.

Activities have included mindfulness sessions, seminars on good nutrition, physical exercise classes and targeted physiotherapy along with financial education around pension saving, share save and mortgages.

Technology underpins our delivery as we aim to be creative and innovative and to deliver in a way that helps employees connect to the right information at a time and in a way that suits their lifestyle. So we provide our staff with apps that support physical well-being, mental health and mindfulness allowing us to deliver a ‘one click’ approach to help our people quickly connect with health services and support. Our Employee Assistance Program features a new instant chat line.

Our strategy is constantly evolving as we meet the challenges of a changing workplace and workforce and strive to create a fresh and relevant offering. To succeed in this space we must constantly review our offering to ensure that we are agile and innovative in our approach.

JLL’s global efforts on this topic are supported by our Health & Well-being Group. The group is working toward adopting a uniform approach to our health and well-being practices across our services and operations, sharing best practice across our global business and bringing consistency to communications around this agenda.

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Download our Annual Report (PDF)
Download our Sustainability Report (PDF)
Download our Annual Report (PDF)
Download our Sustainability Report (PDF)