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Initially as a pilot company from 2012-2014 and now as a part of the Business Network and Framework Panel of the International Integrated Reporting Council ("IIRC"), we support the general principles designed to promote communications and integrated thinking about how an organization's strategy, governance, and financial and non-financial performance lead to the creation of value over the short, medium and long term. This Annual Report on Form 10-K focuses on our business strategy and our financial performance, including an initial attempt to illustrate how being a sustainable enterprise is integral to our success. Our citizenship and sustainability efforts for ourselves and our clients are reflected primarily in our annual Global Sustainability Report.

Our governance and remuneration practices are reported primarily in the Proxy Statement for our Annual Meeting of Shareholders. The mechanisms we use to provide confidence to our clients with respect to our transparency and fair dealing are summarized in our Transparency Report, which we first published in 2013. The behaviors and standards we expect of our employees and of the suppliers we engage for our own company and on behalf of clients are presented in our Code of Business Ethics and our Vendor Code of Conduct. Our Corporate Facts document is intended to provide an overall summary of the information we believe will be of primary interest to our different stakeholders.

We intend this Annual Report to satisfy the requirements of the International <IR> Framework issued by the IIRC in December 2013 ( Following the Exhibit Index, we present a tie-out sheet that cross-references the requirements in the Framework and the locations of our responses within this Annual Report.

In 2015, we first launched an electronic Integrated Report on our website which provides access to all of our information embedded in the documents discussed above through one access portal.

Responsibility for Integrated Reporting. The Finance and Legal Services functions of our Company are primarily responsible for the integrity of our integrated reporting efforts and acknowledge that we have applied a collaborative approach in the preparation and presentation of this report. To do so, we have also engaged the members of our Global Operating Board ("GOB"), which consists of the leaders of our corporate staff functions in addition to others and is described below in more detail, with respect to the preparation of the information presented in Items 1 (Business) and 1A (Risk Factors). In our collective opinion, this report is presented in accordance with the Framework. However, as our effort to comply with the Framework is done voluntarily and continues to evolve, we disclaim any legal liability to the extent that this report is deemed to not comply with the Framework.

Alignment with the Integrated Reporting Framework. Building on the Strategy 2020 and as an important part of our aim to align more closely with the Integrated Reporting Framework, we began to identify the medium- to long-term global megatrends with the greatest potential to materially impact our business. To do this, we used the 'six capitals' model advocated by the International Integrated Reporting Council, namely financial, human, intellectual, manufactured, social, and natural capitals.

While we are most heavily dependent on the financial, human, and intellectual capitals to execute our own operations successfully, we identified significant trends with implications for our business across all six capitals. Furthermore, changes in the availability of all six capitals impact our clients’ businesses, and by extension, our service provision. An example in 2015 was the effect of significantly lower oil prices on the financial ability of energy-related companies to improve their real estate assets. In 2016, political developments such as the vote in the United Kingdom to exit the European Union and economic developments such as the uptick in interest rates after the presidential election in the United States have changed the investment profiles of real estate in both of those countries.

Through internal consultation, we identified a number of trends as significant for our business in the medium to long term. All of these "Global Trends," which we are tracking and/or actively managing, are illustrated below. The "JLL Activities," which address these trends, are summarized in the table below primarily via a combination of references to (1) sections within Items 1 and 1A in this Annual Report on Form 10-K and (2) resources we publish on our website, where we discuss relevant points in more detail.

Driving improvements in Integrated Reporting. JLL recognizes that Integrated Reporting is a journey rather than a destination. We are constantly seeking to enhance the way we disclose our corporate information, striving to convey our value creation story in the fullest way possible. To support these efforts we have recently established an Integrated Reporting Working Group made up of representatives of key business functions. The group is tasked with not only furthering efforts to improve our reporting processes and increase our alignment with the <IR> Framework, but also to foster a culture of integrated thinking within the business.

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Download our Annual Report (PDF)
Download our Annual Report (PDF)