Thinking Beyond

By continuing to invest in the future and understanding how our strengths can support the needs of our clients, we intend to enhance our position as an industry leader. Each of our businesses continually innovates and responds to servicing our clients as their needs change, as technologies evolve, and as macro and political challenges are presented.

Our 'Thinking Beyond' strategic vision can be depicted in six interlocking and mutually dependent segments:

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As technology and globalization drive an ever more connected world, our clients need an even more connected and holistic approach from us. JLL is already a world leader in providing seamlessly integrated services and advice to international corporate and investor clients in all parts of the world. Our ‘Thinking Beyond’ strategic vision recognizes that we need to continue enhancing our comprehensive service offering, attracting new talents and skills to our business, marshalling the best new technology and data analytics, focusing our teams on truly understanding each client’s real strategic needs from real estate, delivering unrivalled fully integrated services spanning the whole real estate life cycle and demonstrating the highest quality and clear value in everything we do. Key commitments include an ongoing focus on employing advanced client relationship management processes and tools, and a core commitment to ensure that our own systems and structures never become an obstacle to assembling international and multidisciplinary teams tailored to meet each client’s requirements.

Directly supporting our goals to constantly enhance our client services, we continually invest in new talent and capabilities, innovation, training and development. We are committed to encouraging diversity and inclusion, seek to enable new, more flexible work styles and support our people in their career planning and progression, including through formal mentoring and coaching programs. As part of our Thinking Beyond strategic vision, we have formulated a new employee value proposition - ‘Achieve Your Ambitions’ - which articulates the key attractions and advantages of a career with JLL. Our people, their skills and aspirations, and their commitment to a consistently high-performance culture and JLL’s core values, are central to our ongoing success and sustained profitable growth.

Technology has transformed the world, but we are only at the beginning of the wave of change that digitalization and data analytics will bring to the real estate sector. JLL continues its substantial multi-year program of investment in leading-edge technology and data capabilities. These include specialist technology company acquisitions such as Corrigo and MSCI Global Corporate Occupiers, major in-house data-led innovations such as our RED platform, and a strong focus on continued technology-enabled innovation in all our business lines. We are committed to maintaining and executing JLL's position as a leader in technology and data within the real estate sector.

All our people are committed to the same core values: teamwork, ethics and excellence. These values are the foundation of our organization. Clients, employees and potential new recruits are strongly attracted to these values and to our commitments to a sustainable future and Building a Better Tomorrow. This has earned JLL repeated recognition from organizations such as the Ethisphere Institute which in March 2016 named JLL as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for the ninth consecutive year.

We will continue to strengthen and grow our brand beyond the traditional real estate sector to reach more senior decision makers. This enhanced emphasis is supported by repositioning our brand personality and messaging around the ‘Achieve Ambitions’ theme and the new visual identity we launched in February 2017.

Our ‘Thinking Beyond’ focus on clients, people, values, digital and brand, provides us with an integrated strategic vision and platform for growth. This vision is supported by our commitment to enhance productivity in all operations, building margin and creating the basis for long-term sustainable and profitable growth, which rewards all of our stakeholders.

Our ‘Thinking Beyond’ vision overlays and complements longstanding strategic priorities for JLL:

  • Employing an investment philosophy and filters focused on growth that best meets client needs and concentrates on the most lucrative potential services, markets and cities;
  • Establishing charters for internal business boards to promote more inter-connected global approaches to client services and delivery;
  • Using technology - including emerging digital, Internet and social media capabilities - to provide information to clients to help them maximize the value of their real estate portfolios and apply our knowledge to improve the ability of our people to provide superior client services;
  • Deploying additional tools and metrics that will make our people more productive and efficient;
  • Determining how best to marshal, train, recruit, motivate and retain the human resources that will have the skill sets, diversity and other abilities necessary to accomplish our strategic objectives;
  • Continuing to develop our brand and reputation for high quality client service, integrity, excellence and intimate local and global market knowledge;
  • Building our brand in digital and social media channels;
  • Continuing to promote best-in-class governance, compliance, enterprise risk management and professional standards to operate a sustainable organization which meets the significant challenges and risks inherent in global markets and minimizes disruptions to, and distractions from, the accomplishment of our corporate mission; and
  • Translating our 'Thinking Beyond' vision to best-in-class total shareholder returns.

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