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Our mission is to deliver exceptional strategic fully-integrated services, best practices, and innovative solutions for real estate owners, occupiers, investors, and developers worldwide. We deliver a combination of services, expertise, and technology applications via an integrated global platform that we own (and do not franchise), the totality of which we believe distinguishes us from our competitors and contributes to service excellence and customer loyalty. While we face high-quality competition in individual markets, we believe the following attributes make us the best choice for clients seeking real estate and investment management services on a worldwide basis:

  • We have the size and scale of resources necessary to deliver the expertise of the Firm wherever clients need it;
  • Our culture of client service, teamwork, and integrity means that we can marshal those resources to deliver the greatest possible value and results;
  • Our ‘‘client first’’ and ethical orientation means that our people focus on how we can best provide what our clients need and want, with integrity and transparency;
  • Our governance and enterprise risk management orientation means that we have built an enterprise that clients can rely on over the long-term; and
  • Our strong intellectual capital, our long-term approach to business, and our ability to anticipate, interpret, and respond to the trends influencing our industry sector mean that we are quick and nimble in adapting to new challenges and opportunities in a fast changing world and in helping our clients to do the same.

In their totality, these aspects affirm our commitment to sustaining our business over the long term. We seek to successfully manage the financial, environmental and social risks and opportunities our complex organization faces, and help our clients do the same. As part of the introduction of Building a Better Tomorrow (sm) later this year, during 2017 we will continue to refine our sustainability communications and strategy globally.

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