At JLL, we believe that the communities where we live, work and operate are vital to our success as an organization.

Community and supply chain in our services
JLL is responsible for significant client expenditures for the properties that we manage, covering both goods and services at these locations. We include general and industry-specific sustainability criteria in supplier proposals and questionnaires for centrally-managed, multi-client contracts. JLL employs a dedicated supplier diversity manager in the US to oversee the $150 million we spend on average each year with small suppliers and contractors.

Community and supply chain in our operations
Supply chain engagement
Our supply chain presents JLL with an opportunity to encourage and influence suppliers on a large scale by ensuring that they reflect our own ethical standards and values. We expect all of our suppliers, whether they provide goods or services directly to JLL or indirectly via our clients, to follow our Vendor Code of Conduct. We apply sustainability criteria to our own procurement practices with a focus on the top items by spend, w hich includes office, kitchen and printing supplies.

Community support
JLL seeks to capitalize on the skills, expertise and interests of our diverse global workforce to make a tangible difference to the needs of our communities. In 2014, JLL recorded total charitable contributions of $4.8 million from both corporate and employee donations. Our corporate donations of $4.1 million are equivalent to 0.8% of our pre-tax profits. Furthermore, our employees volunteered more than 4,590 days of their time to support charitable causes.

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