Climate change presents a challenge of an unprecedented scale and complexity. We work to mitigate this risk and capitalize on opportunity for our clients’ portfolios and our own.

Energy and resources in our services
Similar to other professional services organizations, the biggest positive impact JLL can make when it comes to the environment is through the advice we provide our clients in reducing their own energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

JLL’s Energy and Sustainability Services teams help to deliver savings and efficiencies for our clients. During 2014, we helped deliver energy savings for US clients of 477 million kWh (278,000 metric tons of CO2), equating to estimated cost savings of $47 million. This reduction in energy use is roughly equivalent to the average annual energy consumption of more than 30,000 homes.

Energy advice at LaSalle Investment Management
LaSalle Investment Management also has a significant opportunity to embed sustainability best practice in the $53.6 billion of assets that it acquires and manages for clients. One of LaSalle’s five guiding principles is to reduce the environmental impact and monitor the effects of climate change on clients’ properties.

Renewable energy for our clients
JLL has expertise in a wide range of renewable energy technologies such as solar photovoltaic, wind and biomass. The total GHG emissions averted from installed or consented renewable energy projects we advised on in 2014 was more than 62,000 metric tons of CO2. There is the potential to avert a further 1.6 million metric tons if the renewable energy projects we advised on last year achieve planning consent or successful development.

Client renewable energy projects 2013 (estimated) Installed or consented Planning and feasibility TOTAL
Capacity (MW) 42 1,095 1,137
Averted emissions (metric tons of CO2) 62,650 1,628,426 1,691,077

Energy and resources in our operations
JLL’s direct environmental impact stems from greenhouse gas emissions in our corporate offices and from business travel. We are committed to driving down our emissions wherever possible. JLL has committed to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from our offices by 10% per employee and to reduce the rented area in our offices by 8% per employee by 2017. Each of these targets is set against a 2012 baseline.

Tackling our carbon footprint
In 2014, JLL’s absolute greenhouse gas emissions were 51,960 metric tons of CO2e, compared to 49,344 metric tons in 2012, an increase of 5%. Our building related emissions per corporate office employee were 1.5 metric tons, a reduction of 6% against our 2012 baseline. Our building related energy consumption per corporate office employee was 3.7 MWh in 2014, in line with 3.7 MWh in 2012, a 1% reduction. In 2014 we rented 162 square feet of property per employee compared to 172 square feet per employee in 2012, a reduction of 6%.

Engaging with employees on sustainability
JLL runs an employee engagement and communications program called ACT: A Cleaner Tomorrow. We have also introduced energy and greenhouse gas reduction initiatives in 66% of our offices, many of which are aligned with the aims of the ACT program.

JLL global carbon footprint
GHG emissions source GHG Protocol scope Metric tons of CO2e Percentage of total emissions
Company-owned vehicles 1 10,736 21%
Natural gas consumption 1 183 <1%
Electricity consumption 2 10,762 21%
Business travel 3 15,680 30%
Building-related emissions 3 14,599 28%
Total 51,960
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